Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quilting = Mental therapy

Early March, I laid out some very old....and I mean old blocks.  I mean after talking to my daughter, we decided  these blocks could be somewhere around 9 years old. 
This was March 9 (four days after breaking the arm)
I laid them out because I was going crazy after breaking my arm (right arm at that...dominant arm); and I just HAD to do something constructive.  Well, just laying out these blocks put me in pain for a day. 
Then a couple weeks later, I decided to pin them in rows.  There went another day of pain.
Another week or so, I finally sewed the rows together and ended up with the center for the top.
 (April 1)
Well, the cast was removed this past Wednesday with physical therapy not going to happen until next Wednesday. 
I did some research online about what kind of therapy I would be getting to get the range of motion back in my hand and get rid of the pain that I am having, too.  It all looked pretty painful, so I decided to start taking matters into my own hands and I just started ....doing.  Hey, if I am going to have to endure some pain to get some gain, I might as well enjoy myself. So....I picked up this quilt again yesterday  and just eeked out what I needed with the  fabric I had  for a small inner border and enough to make a piano key border for the final border. 

Here's a  little closer look.
Now, since these blocks are so old AND the fact that the pattern that the guild handed out for these  charity quilts were just for the blocks, I am lucky enough to have had fabric left over to make this quilt just a little more elaborate than what I am sure was intended. 
It has ended up to be 77" square and it may not be a super special quilt, but I can't tell you how excited I am to have accomplished what I have  with my limited mobility.  I even had enough red fabric to get the binding cut out for this one, too. 
So, yes....quilting can be good mental therapy.  I am feeling so good about this quilt and can't wait to get back to more of my projects that are calling my name.
Oh!  My new Millenium is calling my name, too; and now that I have the tension worked out and a little problem that I was having with the encoder, my next post will be some more pictures of my practice progress. I am hoping after the practice sandwich I have on her right now is complete, my next project will be one of my practice charity quilts.  Can't wait to share that with you. 
Happy quilting!


  1. So glad to see that you are progressing with your healing AND your UFO's.
    Looking forward to seeing some quilting soon!

  2. Great to hear there is some progress for you and guess working thru the pain is about all you can do to get back mobility. Keep up and will be rooting for you.

  3. A very fun quilt - cheery colors. And looking forward to seeing your new toy!
    Therapy will start out working the areas gently - maybe a dip in warm wax or what I always called the oatmeal machine because the fragrance reminded me of that. Immersing your hand in warm particles that gently swirl around is heaven - as good as the warm wax dip. Be sure to keep up with the home exercises too - gosh, I sound like a mother, don't I.?

  4. Happy to see you are back to sewing again!
    What a great finish to this quilt top!

    I hope the physical therapy goes well for you!
    It sounds like the self prescribed one is working so far. :)

  5. That piano key border totally makes the quilt! So glad you had enough fabric for it. It's turning out real cute. Before you know it, you will be quilting up a storm!


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