Saturday, December 29, 2012

The holidays have been busy.

Christmas has come and gone so quickly.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends. I know we had a wonderful Christmas here.
I had the week off before Christmas, so it was pretty stress free having all that extra time at home to get prepared, but for some reason I got into the gutting, purging, cleaning and organizing mode just before the holidays; and I am still in that mode.  Below is my emptying out of my hutch in the sewing room.
It consisted mostly of finished quilts, but I just couldn't find anything in there anymore, so the best thing was just to empty it, reorganize it and put it all back or maybe I should say "almost all" of it back.
I hung  holiday quilts in the closet....which by the way, I gutted, purged, cleaned and organized the week before Christmas (two double bi-fold doors wide--the width of the whole room!!!).  That was such a horrible job that I wouldn't/couldn't even take pictures of it.  I was almost in tears that I even "started" THAT project.  But it is all organized in containers with "like" things in their proper places.  I will post on that project another day.
I have decided to make a list of all my UFOs, .....oh lordy......I can't believe I put that in writing!  I said I would never do it because it would probably depress me, but after cleaning up and seeing just how many things there were, I need to do it so that I can "check" things off as I get them done and see that the list is getting smaller. 
Below are just a few of the ones that came out of the hutch today. 
First Saturday basket blocks (12 - 12 1/2")
Christmas Star blocks that I won in a drawing at a retreat (17 - 12 1/2")
Embroidered star blocks (12 - 12 1/2") These were given to me and if I can think of what to do with them I wouldn't be opposed to cutting them down. 
Birthday exchange Star blocks (19 - 12 1/2")
I think these are called Turning Twenty  blocks  (50 - 9 1/2")
There were a few more projects in there, but I will save that for another post, too.  I wouldn't want to overwhelm you!!!
I did come across my very first quilt though.
Oh my.....I just had no color sense at that time.  The green and red matched a chair I had in the living room and because I thought having "too light of a background was just not for me and stood out too much", I matched the carpet to the background.  Egads!!!  But it is hand quilted and I did do a pretty good job otherwise. 
I plan on organizing my lists under categories such as "blocks"; "quilt tops needing to be quilted"; "projects that I want to make and have the fabric for"; "blocks that are already in rows"; etc, etc. 
Eventually I will post my lists.  I was just happy to get to that hutch today and even did some drawers in the sewing room.  As soon as those lists are made, then I will feel free to get back to sewing in a clean and organized room that now welcomes me rather than distracts me. 
Hey!  I will start the New Year with a VERY clean sewing room so that means it should be neat and clean all year......right?  RIGHT!!!
If I don't get back here before.....have a Happy New Year!!


  1. Those are actually some good looking UFO's! ANd honestly your first quilt isn't bad at all. Good for you on getting your space organized. Can't wait to see those lists!!

  2. I bought a new notebook and started making my lists, good lord, I thought I could double space the lines but that would force me to turn the page! So glad you had a nice Christmas, and I agree, now is the time to organize and make a plan for 2013! Happy new Year!


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