Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey is done!I


I should have posted this yesterday for Thanksgiving.  Hopefully everyone has recovered from their overeating of all that turkey.  

The turkey I am talking about is this one.  

He's the next installment to the seasonal calendar.  

While I am at it, I should also mention that Nancy, Sharon and I finished up our Salvation Army's mens shirts string blocks and Sharon has them altogether here. 

I think it looks great!.  Sharon has bought some chambray for the backing and will be getting to quilting it very shortly.  Then it will be off to New York for one of the Sandy hurricane victims.  

Also, got a little package in the mail today from a great little, very contemporary quilt shop located near St. Louis, MO, that I discovered when I was at retreat there in June this year.  The place is called Fabric Nosherie.  If you google it, you can find it and they are on Facebook, too.  

On Facebook, I saw this great chevron fabric and just had to have it.  

It's very wide and I am going to make a holiday table runner out of it...maybe two.  

Also picked up some cool little gadgets that I can't post here because they are for Christmas, but if you are looking for something different or very contemporary, this is the place to go AND the service was fantastic.  I called Shannon on Tuesday and I got it today, Friday, and that's even with the holiday stuck in the middle.  

Anyways, it felt good to be back in the sewing room today.  So, I guess you can say that I am thankful for the time I got to spend doing what I love.  

Stay tuned.  There will be more soon.  


  1. I LOVE your turkey block - he's really darling! That Blue & White string quilt turned out fabulous!

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season!

  2. Well he sure turned out cute! And the shirt-strings quilt is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with the chevron fabric!

  3. That is a great turkey - and no calories!
    Wonderful finish on the shirtings quilt. Someone will have a treasure!



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