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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bubbling over with inspiration

I am back from Paducah despite plane delays, major accident on the road holding us up for a couple hours  in a traffic jam and a funnel cloud in St. Louis (where I started and ended my trip).   

The quilts were gorgeous.  Lots of applique quilts.  There were an overwhelming amount of vendors to see and shop at.  I said I wasn't going to buy anything except red silk thread that I ran out while working on my Beyond the Cherry Trees quilt.  Well.....

I did get three different reds (now mind you...I am finished with my quilt), I bought a show pin, my name tag was on a blinged out lanyard, the little red tin is a needle holder that attaches to a key ring and the pattern is for all the scraps that I have left over from my  Cherry Tree quilt.  This is what I put in my carry on  luggage. 

Sandy, my friend is going to box up some stuff that I couldn't get into my suitcase and mail it to me.  It will be like Christmas when that comes in the mail.  Some of that I can't show you anyways because it is for a secret quilter for my retreat in June AND some Christmas gifts for some other friends, too. 

On the last day of the show, Rita, Jan and I headed over to Murray's where she has a big discounted day on her fabrics and I bought 9 yards total of these three fabrics.  Thought I could use these for baby quilt backings. 

Jan is hanging on to these until June when we meet up at our retreat.

I think next time I will have to drive so I can bring ALL  my things  home at once.

Oh....and I did test drive several long arm machines.  Ooooooh, that was so much fun....and I am still thinking .......


  1. Glad you had a good time! I am working on Swoon too. Cute pattern, mine is in Ruby.

  2. Was kind of wondering when you posted that first photo - some sweet things but thought - no fabric?? Was greatly relieved to know that everything else is being boxed up for shipment and/or later pick up:o) Sounds like a very fun trip...I haven't been back to Paducah since 1999 - thinking it is an overdue return trip.

  3. Your package is on the way!! It was SO fun spending time with you!!!!!