Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting some stuff done.

Finally getting to some of my own quilting.  Everything had been on hold since I was working on the wedding quilt.

I have five blocks prepped and ready to stitch for the Beyond the Cherry Tree Quilt Album (that's how far behind I am).

#15 through #19 have all the pieces (or almost all) glue basted down with Roxanne's glue.  These aren't in any specific order.

This next one requires numerous cherries/grapes and from what I have heard there are over a hundred. 

This next one doesn't have all its pieces glued down as there are way too many and some of them are layered so  I didn't want them falling off while I was working on the block. 

In between all this prepping, I made another "star birthday block" for my exchange and it is ready to be mailed. 

What a good feeling to be sewing for myself again.  Just maybe I can make a dent in my sewing room that seems to have been ignored for quite some time. 

Hope to be back soon with a finished block.....or two. 


  1. I know how it feels. We put pressure on ourselves in a strange way considering this is a hobby. But your blocks look lovely and it should be a pleasure to sew them.

  2. The stitching will go fast, it's all the prep work in applique that takes so much time. Have you got your cirles made for the clusters? Red or purple?

  3. You have accomplished a lot just prepping your blocks. The stitching will move along at a good pace now that the blocks are ready.

  4. Looking good! I like your idea of prepping in advance - something I should start doing. It must be so much more efficient and provides motivation with always thinking ahead. From the sounds of it you have a lot to think about too - you have accomplished much all ready!

  5. I'm so happy you are getting back to "your own" sewing. What fun!

  6. You're knocking those blocks out! Please tell me about your star b-day blocks. I am in a swap for blue star blocks.

  7. I love your blocks, I'm way, way behind in mine and I'm itching to do more. Do you find the seam allowances fray while your working on the block?

  8. Love seeing the Cherry Tree blocks - great variety of fabrics. I'm almost caught up, thanks for the motivation.


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