Wednesday, November 10, 2010

While I have had a few days free....

I mentioned that I finished Block #13 of the Cherry Trees a couple days prior to the next one being posted, so what have I been doing?  I have been trying to get a jump start on all those cherries that are in the border for this quilt.  So, I traced out a few 1" circles, cut them out with a seam allowance and have started doing the running stitch around them so that they can be drawn up into a perfect circle.

I just gathered up all  my reds and started tracing a few circles from each fabric.  I think there are close to 130 here and maybe just about half of them have the running stitch.  I was going to use my Perfect Circle templates to gather them on and press them, but there are only 4 - 1" templates and I am thinking that is going to take to much time, so I am thinking of ordering some paper templates from here....

My guess is that there are around 169 cherries needed for the border. I came up with that number by trying to count them from a very small picture of the full quilt, but it will be close enough.  I didn't want to be overwhelmed when it came down to making the borders and having to do 100s of cherries and 100s of leaves.   Ok...I am back to waiting for Block #14.


  1. 1" circles - seriously? I'll cheer you along from the sidelines .... (((HUGS)))

  2. I think leaving your cherries with a running stitch but not pulling it around a template may be a smart idea. If the circles are actually 1.25" you will be prepared. You are so far ahead of me. Well done.

  3. Now, that's planning ahead! You go, Girl!!!

  4. Smart move! Next break, leaves?

  5. Reading about making all those cherries. Hmm--I usually use money as a template. A quarter is about right, if I need a bit bigger one, I have some $1 coins. the only problem is keeping my husband from robbing my quarters!

    The coffee dyeing--oh it looked very dark and lots of grounds--but there were almost 14yds of fabric in that tub. My fabric came out a very very light brown--but it has more warm brown tint to it, not the yellow some off whites have. I think its about right for that aged look. Who knows, may plop the entire quilt in for a swim when I'm done!


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