Friday, May 7, 2010

There's shopping in my future....

Went to check what I had left over from my pallette of fabrics thinking I might just piece the whole back for the Home Sweet Home quilt, but there really wasn't enough to get very far, so I think I will be doing some shopping soon to look for a backing. I am just going to incorporate this into my stash instead.

Don't know if you remember my saying that I thought I had plenty of the border fabric left over  just in case I didn't want to remove the scallops that I had already done (incorrectly) and was thinking of starting from scratch.....well upon looking for the fabric this evening to make binding, this is all I had left of the border fabric.  Certainly not enough to re-do borders.  Good thing I went with what I had and didn't ruin them while I was picking out threads.

So I figured I would try and cut out my binding from this.  I cut my binding at 2 1/8".  I know...a little crazy, but that's the size that I like.  Anyways, I got the full length that I needed.

It is all sewn together, pressed and rolled and ready to apply to the quilt with this much to spare.


Is that cutting it close or what?

Well, I was on the "binding making roll" tonight so got the bindings made for the cream and black toile and the painted daisy quilt, too

So, my plans for this weekend are to get the bindings on the two black quilts.  Hope to get to one of my favorite quilt shops to find backing for the house quilt soon and really need to cut up scraps for the binding for the brown batik "Zen" quilt, but that seemed like too much work tonight.

 It's only a couple days before the next Beyond the Cherry Trees block of the month comes out and all else will stop once I get that, so I figure progress is progress and I should be happy with that.  So....happy quilting.


  1. Your completion of projects continues. You're being very productive. Please bring the two black quilts with you next Friday so the Quilty Chicks can see the finished beauties. Keep up the good work!

  2. You have some great finishes very close at hand. I too, put a binding on this weekend, now to sit and hand sew it down. I'm loving your applique, I'm only printing the patterns. Maybe you could do an update post with all your blocks so far!


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