Friday, March 26, 2010

# 6 Cherry Tree block is DONE!!!

Stems and leaves went on quickly, but then there were the layered flowers.  Oh boy!  I did add more greens to my stash, so they are incorporated in this block, too.

What a difference making a flower.  You make a leaf and sew it on and then the space it filled.

But, when it came to the flowers, it seemed like you sewed and sewed and sewed and then once the flower was done, you only filled one little space. 

So, the flowers were much more time consuming.  Then....

there was the bird. Hmph!  I did not enjoy sewing him down.  Too many tiny crooks and crannies, but he is done and not as perfectly as he should have or could have been done. Never know....he might just fly away one of these days. Not sure anyone would miss him.

But I do have to say the block turned out pretty good overall and again, I have time to spare, so I am going to look for the next UFO to work on BEFORE the next block becomes available. 

So.....happy quilting!


  1. What a pretty block! I am totally jealous of your gorgeous applique - one day when I have more patience I'll try hand applique. Hugs

  2. I love what you did with this block! Beautiful!

  3. That's my fave block so far. Great variety of green! Love it!

  4. I can see that it was a lot of work, but it was worth it. It's another beauty. I'm loving all the different reds and greens you're bringing into these blocks.

  5. That's a gorgeous block! That's why I love applique - it can be as free as you want it to be - no pesky seams to match! It's beautiful!

  6. Very Pretty. I really love this block. Favorite so far.

  7. All that stitching will be well worth it, What a treasure you will have when it's completed!

  8. Your block is very pretty, I love the reds and greens and your applique is wonderful. The little bird looks very happy there!


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