Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One pineapple, two pineapple, three pineapple, four.....

Am I dating myself with that? or do kids still say those little rhymes?  Of course I changed out potato for pineapple, but that is what came to mind  as I was working on my next block for Beyond the Cherry Trees Album Quilt. 

Of course if you remember, I have been putting off this block because of all the tight hairpin turns, but little by little it is coming along.  One is done and I am ready to start the second one tonight. 

It's a very "simple" block and I mean that only because there aren't a lot of pieces and this is the one that I just couldn't figure out how to incorporate some red, but I am hoping there will be other blocks that will help balance out this rather boring and very green block. 

Well, back to stitching...some very tiny stitches so that I can make those very tight little curves. 

Happy quilting!


  1. Keep going Faye. Its going to look great when its done!

  2. I have been printing off the patterns for this quilt, I want to make sure I have at least 9 patterns before starting. Love the red/green concept and applique, I'm adding your blog so I can follow your progress. Very nice so far! I came via LA Quilter blog.

  3. You know what I always say, Faye. Add some embroidery somewhere -- it might as well be red.

    Very nice work!


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