Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where oh where has the last month gone?

Let me go backwards a bit because as I uploaded my pictures from my camera I now know what has kept me from my quilting for the past month.

Yesterday was my grandson, Cole's, christening and I started his christening gown on Monday and finished it by Friday mid morning working on it after work all week.

This was made with an ivory "habitat silk batiste" and it was the most slippery, yet luscious fabric. Not sure I will work with that slippery of fabric again though.

The baptism was Saturday night and he behaved beautifully throughout the service.

Then the weekend before, the whole family (the kids, the grandkids and us) went up North to a friends cabin for a long weekend. It rained and was very cool Friday and Saturday, but that didn't keep the guys off the lake from going fishing. We did get to enjoy a beautiful Sunday though. In between raindrops we did get to sit around the campfire and do the smores thing. Here's a couple pix from that weekend...especially pix of the grandkids.

The weekend before the "cabin" outing was spent at the Selfridge Airforce Base where they have a really great "air show". Here's a couple of pix of Ian and Cameron in and around helicopters and airplanes. It rained most of that day, too. (hmmm....I am seeing a pattern here)

AND.....the weekend before the air show was the "Woodward Dream Cruise". Don't know if you are familiar with that but people from all over the world come to show, drive and see old cars, weird cars, souped up cars, you name it. My husband took a whole week off of work to run out to Woodward with his red '71 Nova (pictured below). The batmobile was there, ghostbusters, dogs with goggles, a dog driving his own car (actually it was remote controlled), clowns....heck, I could go on forever. I was out there Thursday, Friday evenings and then again all day on Saturday (the big event). There are all kinds of people and characters there. Here is just a smattering of what you can see while you are there, plus yet some more pix of the grandkids enjoying themselves there, too.

Well from here on out, I hope to be posting on a more regular basis about my quilting, my knitting or whatever. I am hoping life returns to some sense of normalcy now that the summer is coming to an end (way too soon by my standards).


  1. What lovely photos and Cole's Christening outfit sure looks beautiful - I can see what you mean about the draping of the fabric. What a grea job. You've had a good August with your family .... it's good to see you back.

  2. The Christening outfit turned out beautiful. Can't believe how much the baby has grown from the pic's.

  3. Faye, it's good to see you back here. Loved all the pics. What fun!

  4. Glad to see the pics. The gown is gorgeous. You've been a busy girl lately!



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