Sunday, August 9, 2009


The Hearts and Hand blocks are now circles.

I thought it would be a good idea to stay on top of things and make my blocks into the circles they have to be for the quilt. I used the plastic heat resistant template to do them and it worked like a charm. The only problem ones were the paper pieced ones that have a lot of thickness in the seams. Those I had to baste down just to keep them in place.

Also, today, my grandson turned 5. Gosh! He is going to be going to school. How did that happen?

We celebrated his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with a few of his friends from school and all the family members. Here are a couple pictures of the birthday boy on his special day.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is it possible?

Is it possible to go to a quilt store for just heat resistant template plastic? That's all I wanted to get today, but apparently the answer to that question is "No!!".

$60 + later....

I bought the template stuff to make my circles for the Hearts and Hands blocks. I cut one at 5 3/4" for the cut block and 5 1/4" for the finished block. This should make it a little easier for me to get those blocks into the shape they need to be. I used my Olfa Compass Cutter and it worked perfectly. Of course, I probably ruined the blade cutting plastic, but..oh well...if it works!!

I walked out of the shop with the two sheets of plastic, a glue stick, a yard of the finest muslin and 5 yards of what I think is a beautiful red toile. The toile comes in other colors. I have seen it in blue, green, red, and brown....which by the way I have backed one of my "sister-in-law" quilts in the brown. I figured since red is one of my favorite colors, I will have a red quilt in my future that this new red toile will work perfectly and 5 yards should do it with just a little extra.

The muslin is to make a bag that will be embroidered with something religious to cover the christening gown that I will be making for Cole. Of course this brings me to the fact that I drove an hour north of home yesterday to go to the nearest heirloom sewing center so that I could buy a couple yards of "silk habitat batiste" to make his gown. It feels so lucious.

The glue stick is to try a technique that was suggested by my friend, Gail, to turn the edges over for the applique blocks. We'll see if it works for the Hearts and Hands blocks.

Which, also, brings me to the fact that I did finish two more of those blocks. Now I only have 100 more to make. Guess I had better get busy!

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