Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sitting with my feet up.....

and this was the view from my chair.

and I read this book.....

and stitched a few hexagons together....

and after posting my hexagon picture realized I didn't sew hexagon points to two of my sections, but that is ok....I am still playing with this pattern. I was inspired by the hexagon quilt that Linda is making over at this blog, Plain and Simple

Did take a ride and saw a couple quilt barns.

well, actually this one is a quilt "post office".

This post office was in Tustin, MI and the initials in the corner were OTG, so I am guessing it was Old Tustin Guild.  I am going to see if I can find them online. 

All-in-all, this was a great vacation with good weather, warm breezes, good food, family and friends and just some good old "down time".  

Hope this has rejuvenated me and I will be posting more quilting projects soon.   

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too many excuses.....

It's too hot.
I'm too tired.
We've been busy each weekend since the wedding with two to three things going on each weekend...birthday parties, graduations, dinner cruise, etc.
Now I have a friend coming over to sew tomorrow night and I had to "find" my sewing room.
So I got in there to do a little organizing and this is what I got done today.

Finally got the two rows of rick rack sewn together that I have had pinned for a little while now.  Now I have a pink row pinned together.

While I was at it, I realized I was late on one of my birthday star block exchange, so I made that for Gwen in black and white.

If she sees it before she gets it, that's ok.....she deserves to see it since it is late.

Thought I would get the next star made and mailed out, too, so here is Lonnie's in her requested brown and pink (my two favorite fabrics that were in my DD's wedding quilt).

Then while cleaning up a bit, I came across the last Cherry Tree block that I was working on, so I have glue bastes a few of the smaller pieces and I am going to start stitching on those tonight.

That little pile in the lower left hand corner are the pieces I am going to stitch together before applying them to the block.  It doesn't look like it, but there are twelve pieces there.  Flower buds that need to be sewn to their leaves, flower centers to the flower petals, etc. 

So enough with excuses.  They were lame anyways.  I just needed a swift kick to get moving on my projects again and that kick was getting together to sew....always a good thing.  Hope to have some more progress to show you in a much shorter time period. 

Happy quilting

Monday, July 4, 2011

one million down

.....well, maybe not quite a million.

......actually not a million at all, but it sure seemed like a million

I finally got ALL of my half square triangles trimmed.  That mess in the corner is just from a few of the blue pile.  I have always disliked making half square triangles until I found the "Quilt in a Day" ruler that makes 8 at once which is great, but then there is all that trimming to make them perfect.  Arghhh.

They are all pressed open now.

One more step before I can start sewing them together.  I have to snip off all those little rabbit ears.  I will save that for another night.

Then I can start making rows of these.

For now....I am going to try and go to bed amongst all the explosions outside while everyone enjoys their fireworks.  It's back to work tomorrow.

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

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